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Conservatory Leaks

Sunwood Seals Leaking Timber Roofs

Say goodbye to tired, leaky timber roofs, once and for all.

The Sunwood Timber Glazing System, from Truly PVC Supplies, is a range of components designed as a roof capping system to provide existing, leaking wooden roofs with an attractive, weather-tight seal and as a rafter gasket system for new-build timber conservatories. With it’s ridge, rafter bars, crestings, finials, end caps and ancillaries, Sunwood offers a complete roof solution.

The Sunwood Timber Glazing System is also effective for carports, pergolas and lean-to’s.

Introduction to Sunwood Timber Glazing System

Sunwood Timber Glazing System offers two ranges of rafter bars, the Screw-Down and Snap-Tight systems, which are both compatible with Sunwood’s aluminium ridge capping.

The Screw-Down range is a system that uses a rubber Rafter Gasket that is fitted to the timber rafter and a separate aluminium Top Cap that is screwed onto the rafter when glazing is in place. The glazing is seated on the Rafter Gasket and once the Top Cap has been screwed down,  the glazing becomes trapped and weather-tight by the Top Cap’s High Sided Gaskets.

The Snap-Tight range uses an aluminium Base Bar screwed to the timber rafter and a separate PVC-u Top Cap that is pushed down to snap tight onto the Base Bar and hold the glazing is in place. Each side of the Base Bar features rubber gaskets that the glazing material sits on and the Top Cap has coextruded gaskets that form a weather-proof seal when under compression on the glazing.

Want to fond out more about the components of the Sunwood Timber Glazing System? Take a look at Truly’s animated Introduction to Sunwood >