Solid Roof Conversion

Breathe a new lease of life into your conservatory and transform it from a wasted space to a stylish room that you can use all year round.

Solid roof conversion describes replacement of existing glazing bars and polycarbonate/glass roof material with a new prefabricated roof, which includes: ring beam, glazing bars, ridge, insulation, internal plasterboard, external board membrane, solid panels or tile and gutter.

We serve two ‘flavours’ of solid roof conversion for conservatories. The first, our Tapco Warm Room, is designed to resemble a traditional tiled roof, while the second appears to be a standard conservatory roof with opaque panels. Both solid roof conversions provide a fully insulated roof with plasterboarded interior.

Conservatories are invaluable if designed and installed correctly. If not, or if fallen into disrepair, they quickly become under used.

  • Leaking roof Solved
  • Too hot in Summer Solved
  • Too cold in Winter Solved
  • Costly to heat Solved
  • Damaged and unsightly Solved
  • Too noisy during rain Solved

Tapco Warm Roof

Complete replacement of existing glazed roof with a thermal efficiency insulated synthetic slate roof. Helps maintain a comfortable temperature all-year-round and can reduce Winter heating costs by as much as 80%.

Authentic Slate Roof


We now offer LivinROOF, a total roof system from industry leader Ultraframe. LivinROOF provides flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing panels, which results in an highly attractive contemporary style.

Solid Panel System
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