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Faulty Handles and Hinges

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Faulty and worn handles

We have all experienced the frustration of living with window handles that do not operate the Espag locking mechanism, door handles that are droopy, scratched or pitted and hinges that make opening and closing windows and doors difficult.

Some window handle designs can loosen over time make the window feel wobbly and insecure, even when closed. This is usually resolved by replacing the plastic catches that may get lost over time. Our teams often carry such spares and can therefore fit, clean and lubricate the handles and get them working like new again.

If new handles are required then we have a selection of uPVC door handle sets, including lever door handle sets and handles for uPVC windows, including inline window handles and cranked window handles to choose from that will be in keeping with your conservatory interior.

Replacement Hinges

Replacement HingeAs time passes, the stresses of use may cause the friction hinges that hold and guide the casement to become twisted.

The window will then become difficult to close and may not seal correctly.

The highly experienced team at Truly Conservatory Repairs can repair or replace such faulty window hinges and get your conservatory windows opening and closing freely once more.

Problem opening/closing conservatory door

Difficulty or an inability to close or lock conservatory doors is a common problem, which is often caused by the doors ‘dropping’.

As a results in the door catches at the bottom and is likely to also create a gap at the top through which noise and drafts can penetrate. Fortunately most doors are adjustable, so realigning the doors using a technique called ‘toe and heeling’ is often the solution. If a repair or replacement of the lock mechanism is required then we can sometimes do so on the initial visit.

Benefits of using our replacement service

  • Quick turnaround of quote
  • Fully serviceable BBA approved parts
  • Specialist fitting teams
  • Insurance-backed guarantee available

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  • We can fix leaking conservatory roofs, conservatories that are too hot / too cold and misted double glazing – once and for all.
  • Our experience in designing, installing and maintaining conservatories will help restore yours to full working order, becoming a room that you can enjoy for years to come.
  • Fully insured, professional experienced staff.

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