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Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

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Polycarbonate roof sheets are lightweight and strong, with up to 200 times the impact strength of glass, whilst being up to 50% cheaper.

Polycarbonate technology has matured over recent years, with today’s products surpassing their predecessors; polycarbonate sheets can be a good, long-lasting, energy efficient conservatory roof material, but it’s important to understand the options, which Truly will help with.

How we choose polycarbonate roof sheets

There are two key decisions to be made when choosing polycarbonate roof sheets, other than width and length, and that is sheet thickness, and sheet tint.

Get the right sheet tint for your roof

People choose tint based on the look of the sheet, but the choice plays a vital role in how comfortable the room will be, and therefore how much it will be used. We have all heard of people who can’t use their conservatory in the summer as it’s too hot, or in the winter as it’s too cold, or simply unable to read as it is too much glare. It is these problems that can be alleviated by careful consideration of the tint.

Consider the direction that the roof will face, as the tints provide varying degrees of solar control, thermal efficiency and translucency.

Choosing a compatible sheet thickness

Thickness is largely guided by structural features, such as pitch, sheet width, and top capping locking points, but thickness should also be considered if a high U-Value (thermal resistance) is sought.

If replacing individual sheets, then matching the existing thickness is usually preferred. However, when replacing all sheets, it may be an opportunity to upgrade to thicker sheeting for greater thermal efficiency and sound-proofing. But be sure that the increased thickness is compatible with your roofing system.

A closer look at the options



High level of light transmission provides greater heat build-up. A conservatory would be bright and light – even on the darkest winter days. A good choice for colder spots and ideal for industrial and commercial greenhouses.

Good choice for north, and east facing roofs.



Allows light into a conservatory or building to keep it bright but reduces solar gain concentrating on one area. So, eliminates uncomfortable hot-spots. Provides privacy and creates softer light quality.

Benefits an east or west-facing roof.



Lower levels of light transmission and shading co-efficiency makes Bronze effective at limiting the amount of light and minimising glare. Also reduces heat build-up, so it’s popular for sunnier spots as it can help keep room cool.

Suitable for west-facing roofs.



This dual-tinted combination of the two most popular tints offer privacy and soft light while also reducing heat build-up and minimising glare. Opal internally and Bronze to the outside to blend with roof finishings.

Good option for south-facing roof.



Allows light in, but deflects solar radiation to reduce heat build-up by as much as 50% compared with Clear. Dual-tinted Opal inside for attractive white finish with soft light quality. Double-sided UV protection and IR Heat Block.

Perfect for exposed south-facing roofs.

Our range benefits from:

  • Testing to Class 1 Spread of Flame Protection
  • 10 year warranty for light transmission and breakage
  • Superb thermal efficiency and strength due to the 5 and 6 wall construction.

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