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Conservatory Leaks

Loose Cappings and Slipped Roof Panels

Loose CappingsĀ andĀ Slipped Roof Panels

Loose conservatory roof end cappingsOver time uPVC cappings can loose their compression against the roof material, which provides rainwater with a route through a conservatory roof. It can also allows the roof material to slide down the glazing bars. A slipped roof panel will create a gap at the ridge of the roof through which water may enter, along with cold drafts and noise. Fix slipped roof panels by sliding the panels back in to place and replacing any missing or loose glazing bar end caps.

broken end capsTo repair slipped panels it is sometimes necessary to add retaining clips to the base of the roof spar to stop the problem re-occuring. If you notice slipped panels resulting from broken or missing end caps, then the most affordable self-help solution may be to purchase either our Ultraframe End Cap Replacement Kit or Universal End Cap Replacement Kit. They are fairly easy to instal and the universal kit is designed to fit the majority of conservatory roof systems.

The uPVC cappings may just need tapping back down onto the aluminium glazing bars, which should be done carefuly with a nylon hammer or by protecting the capping with a length of wood or cloth.