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What is Lock Snapping?

Lock Snapping is used for 27% of burglaries in parts of the UK – be prepared!

As the name suggests, this method of compromising the euro cylinder locks typically found in uPVC doors involves simply snapping the cylinder.

The design of the euro cylinder has an inherent weak spot, which is positioned near the centre of the cylinder. It is the area that has a cutout to provide space for the revolving cam that engages with the doors lock mechanism and also features a hole through which the fixing bolt is screwed.

So if enough lateral, or vertical, force is applied to the euro cylinder, it will snap at that point. The outside portion of the cylinder can then be removed to expose the cam, which can then be manipulated to unlock the door.

Worryingly it can take just seconds to gain access to a property using this technique and there is very little experience needed – just a bit of brute force.

There are a few things that you can do to protect your home against lock snapping:

  • Fit high security door handles with a solid backplate that can not be prised off easily to expose the euro cylinder
  • Ensure that the euro cylinder does not protrude more than lock manufacturers recommendation – usually between 3 to 5mm
  • Consider secondary security such as Sash Jammers
  • Fit high security break secure anti-snap euro cylinder locks

Truly PVC Supplies stock the UAP Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder, which as well as being a break secure euro lock also protects against, Lock Bumping, Lock Drilling, Lock Picking and Lock Extraction.

The following is a recent BBC report highlighting the growth in burglaries committed using this technique.