Slipped Roof Panels

Conservatory roof glass and polycarbonate are usually seated on glazing bars that run the length of the glazing, from eaves to ridge or wall plate. A uPVC top cap is then fitted to the glazing bar, which sandwiches the edges of glazing to create a watertight seal. The compression of the capping and a plastic end cap fitted to the lower end of the glazing bars hold the glazing in place.

Over time uPVC cappings can loose their compression. This coupled with the constant expansion and contraction of glazing material puts strain on the end caps, which eventually break. When this happens the panels can slip down and create a gap at the top where rainwater can enter.

To solve the problem, the glazing material should be pushed to it’s original position. We recommend that retaining plates are also fitted to prevent it happening again. We can carry this work out for you or supply our End Cap Replacement Kits for a DIY solution.