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General Advice

Removing Stuck Screws

We are always willing to offer what help and guidance we can. Occassionally we’re asked for advice from people who are struggling to remove screws from their conservatory, uPVC or aluminium doors.

Overtime, screws can become rusted and sieze, or the screw head may have become chewed, preventing a screwdriver from getting enough purchase to release the screw. One solution that people turn to is drilling the screw out, however we believe that the best solution is the use of an Impact Driver.

We now sell high security Yale Kitemarked Anti-Bump and UAP Anti-Snap euro cylinders and we passed such advice to somebody recently who was trying to fit a replacement euro cylinder when their securing screw had been over tightened and the screw head become worn.

Using the Impact Driver

An Impact Driver is made of two weights held apart by a spring and circular ramp within a cylindrical colar. To one end is a screwdriver head, to which you attach suitably sized screwdriver bits. The other end exists to receive hammer blows, rather like a chisel. You can also get electrical/cordless  Impact Drivers!

Hitting the Impact Driver transfers momentum, compressing the spring and riding the circular ramp that causes the screwdriver head to turn. The impact causes the bit to bite into the screw head, whilst applying torque at the moment of maximum force to loosen the screw.

Good luck!