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How to Measure Thickness of Glass Unit

Getting an accurate measurement of a single or double-glazed unit can be troublesome and cause a problem when it comes to replacing window or door glazed units.

There are many tools that allow glass thickness to be measured, some are quite sophisticated and use laser light to obtain a measurement and can provide additional information for multi-pane units such as thickness of each pane and the space in between. As you can imagine these tools are quite costly and so are more suited for use by people who measure multiple glass units on a regular basis.

A more affordable solution is a physical gauge, such the Flexi-Meter.

The Flexi-Meter‘s wide u-shaped body with aluminium slide rule makes it a highly versatile measuring gauge. Unlike other gauges, it’s large 98mm opening and 152mm inner width allows it to be used to measure glass even on thick door profiles and deep Tilt-and-Turn windows.

Flexi-Meter dimensions

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