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Conservatory Leaks

Faulty Lead Flashing

Faulty lead flashing

Faulty lead flashing prepaired and replaced on conservatoriesLead is often used as the material for ‘flashing’, to provide cover over the joint between a conservatory and a house. Lead is chosen because it is durable, a great sound-proofer and an insulator. Lead has the ability to expand and contract as the temperature rises and falls and can be ‘dressed’ into different shapes to suit various applications. Although highly resistant to corrosion, leaks can occur if poorly fitted. Another material often used is ‘Flashband’ which is an adhesive flashing used to fix a conservatory repair. Often flashband is a temporary measure and while it has its uses is not as permanent as lead flashing.

Lead flashing is usually inserted into the mortar joint between courses of brick, with small pieces of lead often used to wedge the flashing in place until the joint is re-sealed with mortar or a good lead flashing sealant, like Flash-mate. High quality Code 3 lead roll and building regulations approved Code 4 lead roll is available from our sister company. Flashing Tape is also available for DIY repairs.