Authentic Synthetic Slate Roof

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Breath a new lease of life into your conservatory and transform it from a wasted space to a stylish room that you can use all-year-round.

Replacing old and failing polycarbonate or glass roof material with long lasting*, synthetic slate tiles can eradicate the problems that result in a conservatory being underused or totally neglected.

  • Leaking roof Solved
  • Too hot in Summer Solved
  • Too cold in Winter Solved
  • Costly to heat Solved
  • Damaged and unsightly Solved
  • Too noisy during rain Solved

Before Slate Roof Conversion - rundown conservatory with leaksRundown and leaking.

After Slate Roof Conversion - attractive, comfortable and watertightAttractive, dry and comfortable.

Our Tapco Warm Roof system can completely replace your existing roof with a prefabricated one, which includes; new ring beam, glazing bars, ridge, insulation, internal plasterboard and external board membrane, tile and gutter.
The roof looks authentic and offers greatly improved thermal efficiency, which can reduce Winter heating costs by as much as 80%. Take a look at our standard range of authentic synthetic slate.

The Tapco Warm Roof Slate Roof Conversion Process

From initial survey, through installation and interior finishing, our process is quick and unobtrusive, so disruption is kept to a minimum.

  1. SurveyStructure of roof and frames is assessed and options discussed
  2. PreparationExisting glazing, cappings etc removed
  3. RoofingTimber mounts and strengtheners added as required. Roof windows fitted if desired. Breathable membrane and roof battens fitted. Tiles, ridges and verges fitted as necessary.
  4. InteriorInsulation fitted between glazing bars. Underside battened if necessary before fitting with foil-backed plasterboard and skimming. Lights, switches, fans etc fitted to specification.

* Tapco Synthetic Slate Tiles are guaranteed for 50 years.

Benefits of using our replacement service

  • Quick turnaround of quote
  • Fully serviceable BBA approved parts
  • Specialist fitting teams
  • Insurance-backed guarantee available

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