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General Advice

Cleaning uPVC Conservatory Frames

We suggest that you wash the roof and side frames of your conservatory every four months or so. However, each situation is different and the frequency of a clean may be dictated by such things as the direction that your conservatory faces and the surrounding foliage – not to mention the flight path of your local pigeon flock!

Perhaps the first thing to suggest is that you leave the powerwasher in it’s box for this purpose. We would not recommend the use of powerwashers on your conservatory. Instead warm soapy water could be used to remove dirt and grime.

Good bye stuborn grime

For removing more stuborn sealant, grease and dirt you choose to use a uPVC Solvent Cleaner. One thing to remember when preparing to use any solvent is to do a compatibility check on a hidden area first. This will allow you to gauge whether the solvent is suitable for your uPVC. Furthermore, some glazing material may react to a solvent cleaner so care should be taken when applying.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

A high quality, non-abrasive uPVC Cream Cleaner can be used to polish uPVC frames and buff them to a deep shine. Additionally they can also be used on other uPVC such as windows, uPVC doors, fascias and cladding. Not to mention garden furniture.

To help apply both the uPVC Solvent Cleaner and the uPVC Cream Cleaner we recommend a strong lint-free tissue.

A bit of TLC while you’re at it

While you are getting up close and personal with your conservatory, what better time to check that it’s built in drainage system is functioning fully.

There are slots within the thresholds that allow any water ingress to flow to the outside. These slots must remain unblocked to ensure an efficient system. So take the time to remove dirt, clear drain holes and check drainage operation by flushing
through with water.

Final flight check

The weatherseals that are fitted around your doors and windows can become dislodged during cleaning, which could result in them becoming damaged when the door or window is then closed. This could result in draughts being felt and rain water getting in.

If your weatherseals do become loose then simply slide them back into place as soon as you spot it.

Got the idea – now get the gear!

Truly Conservatory Repairs sell a fantastic uPVC cleaning bundle designed specifically for use with uPVC conservatories and uPVC windows and doors. The pack includes Solvent Cleaner (1ltr), Cream Cleaner(1ltr), Glass Cleaner (1ltr) plus roll of lint-free Cleaning Tissue.

We have not yet talked about cleaning the conservatory glass – that’s for another day.