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Safety & Security

Child Window Safety

For some time it has been recommended that the opening of windows on the 2nd floor and higher of public buildings are restricted to a maximum opening of 100mm. This is now being increasingly suggested for domestic properties too.

In many situations, Cable Restrictors are the ideal product as the strength of a quality Cable Restrictor can offer window and door security as well as window safety.

An important feature of a Cable Restrictor is that it must be able to disengage to allow cleaning of the window, or use of the window as a fire escape in case of emergency.

Cable Restrictor

Lockable and fixed window and door safety cable restrictors are a neat practical solution, that provides more than simple child safety. They are CE marked and come with a 5 year warranty. Whether you are looking to install it in the home, business premises, public building, hospital or school, these simple, practical and great looking restrictors help prevent accidents and increase security.