Leaking Conservatory Roof

The roof is the most vulnerable part of a conservatory and one of the most common problems is a leaking conservatory roof. Typical causes of a leaking conservatory roof include inadequate flashings, slipped roof panels, loose cappings and leaking roof vents.

Whether your roof is glass or polycarbonate, uPVC, aluminium, or timber, our expert team can assess the problem and carry out the repairs, sometimes within the first visit. Call 0161 339 4982, we'd love to help.

Conservatory Roof Leak Causes - Slipped Panels, Muntin Bars, Jack Spars, Ridge and Radius End, Box Gutters

Fixing Leaking Conservatories - the Truly Way

Home owners often trust their local handy man to fix troublesome conservatory leaks. Without the understanding of how conservatory roofs are engineered and what factors can affect them, handy men can come unstuck. They can find themselves chasing their tail and never providing a long-term solution. This often proves costly to the homeowner. We operate differently.

Truly's 3 Step Approach

We follow our own tried and tested three step approach, which provides you with our Diagnosis and recommendation, Long-term fix and a Demonstration of success.

Benefits of using Truly to fix your leaking conservatory roof

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